Early Literacy – Intensive Foundational Reading Development 32 Sessions




  • Language – receptive and expressive language, morphological and pragmatic language skills
  • Phonological Awareness – Ability to identify and blend phonemes in words, manipulation of phonemes, hearing isolated sounds and blending to form words, recognition and production of rhyme
  • Rapid Naming/Word Fluency – Speed of naming words/symbols
  • Reading Fluency – Score of reading accuracy and rate
  • Oral and Silent Reading Comprehension – Reading long and short printed passages
  • Literal and Inferential Reading Comprehension
  • Spelling Writing – Relationship between phonemes and the spellings that represent sounds in written words, orthographic processing, semantic (meaning), and morphological (word parts – base, suffixes, prefixes).

After screening and assessment, your child will begin on the reading component of most difficulty and will be provided with a complete and sequential progression of instructional intervention for the skills within that component– beginning with the most basic tasks, then moving on with sequential pacing to more complex tasks.