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We Teach Students To “Read To Learn”

When you call GiftedApples at 216.820.3800 or 216.600.5000, you will speak directly with the Mrs. Farmer, licensed principal and creator of GiftedApples Literacy and E-Learning. During the conversation you will learn more about our six (6) Learning Options and Adaptive learning programs for At-risk and struggling older readers. We will discuss how literacy and reading impact math, science and social studies. You will be enlightened to learn about the advantages, benefits and differences between a traditional tutoring program and a literacy school. Our intervention options follow research-based Response to Intervention principles and balanced literacy. Instruction is designed to provide intensive reading literacy intervention to older readers with and without identified specific learning disabilities.

In their 60-page report to the Carnegie Corporation of New York, researchers Snow and Biancarosa (2003), outline research-based interventions necessary for closing the literacy gap of readers from grades 6-12.

Donald J. Hernandez’ (2011) Double Jeopardy, resulting from his longitudinal (over time) research, focuses on factors and influences which affect K-3rd & 5th graders reading ability. Hernandez’ findings explain the precipitous downhill reading challenges students experience as a result of economic and cultural factors. As students move to higher grade levels with more demanding and rigorous reading expectations, the literacy and achievement gap widens and academic success is subverted without literacy intervention and support for preadolescent and adolescent students (Snow et al., (2003).

What steps begin the “Learn to Read to Learn” process?

  • Your child will be scheduled for a Free Initial Screening
  • The Initial Screening will determine the type of Assessment as well as your child’s strengths and approximate focus for instructional planning.
  • The Assessment/Evaluation is scheduled to occur over two sessions approximately 1.5 Hour each sessions for a total of 3.0 Hours.
  • Once your child’s responses to the assessment questions/prompts are assessed, several baseline goals are established to mark the pre-assessment level in each learning area.
  • Based on the results of the Assessment, a Learning Plan is written which guides the Instructional Planning.

How is Homework integrated with your child’s intervention learning?

  • Students experience how enjoyable and fun interactive online studying can be using the interactive toolbar (with colors, shapes and graphics) on the Whiteboard, and the Digital Blackboard and ePen
  • Students can Write, Read, Learn and Express their knowledge in creative ways through Interactive and Adaptive©, Prescriptive© and Sequential© course curriculum
  • Students have a choice to use audio and chat technology that enhances communication for questions and clarification
  • Students can remain active in the classroom while researching information on the internet
  • Documents can be shared in many ways to review lessons and assignments immediately and receive supportive resource materials on demand
  • Homework sessions are Recorded and can be reviewed for re-learning, studying, or for fulfilling course credit requirements
  • Students can Playback the sessions to gain more practice on new skills and concepts
  • Parents can Playback the sessions to see the effort their child is putting forth and the knowledge their child is gaining on specific learning objectives.

Learning is Student Centered. Your child will;

  • Learn new reading strategies that encourage critical thinking and comprehension
  • Become an interactive participant in their own Learning Process making choices about the best strategies for problem-solving on a vocabulary term or reading passage
  • Demonstrate reasoning abilities when explaining newly learned material
  • When expressing concepts about literature, writing about a story character or event, students can be creative with newly learned knowledge using Digital blackboard technology tools and the interactive Whiteboard toolbar
  • Be able to ask questions and get answers in real time resulting in immediate Feedback

Learning is both individualized and personalized.

  • Your child’s learning will be Personalized with their very own Interventionist or Tutor who begins to work with you and your child to develop excellence in learning together
  • Sessions are Conveniently scheduled for both intervention instruction and online learning
  • Instruction and Learning is accomplished on any laptop, PC, Android or iPhone Table
  • Learning is Private, One-to-One and individualized in our virtual classroom environment

The Learning experience prepares learning with up-to-date learning methods

  • Your child will experience Hybrid learning through virtual classroom sessions, online course study and live, in-person instruction
  • Students work online in their course while simultaneously receiving intervention and instruction in the virtual classroom.
  • Students will experience various types of learning curriculum which is best practices for Late-emerging readers, preadolescent and adolescent learners

Are students given tests and if so, what type? What is the purpose of testing?

  • Initial Assessments are given to establish a baseline of learning from which to see growth in a number of learning areas. Even our initial assessments are Research-Based, Standardized measures from licensed, copyrighted test publishers.
  • Full Diagnostic testing is not always necessary. However, when Diagnostic testing is required, parts or forms of diagnostic tests can be given to determine need and ability in reading, language proficiency, writing and math.
  • Specialized tests are also given to students with specific reading disorders or learning disabilities.
  • Curriculum-Based Measures provide current week-by-week information on the progress your child is achieving in reading, vocabulary and spelling, word fluency, math and writing. Curriculum-based testing also monitors the success of the instruction your child is receiving.

What is the purpose of ongoing and end-of-learning unit assessment?

  • Students need both (ongoing, weekly) formative, and (cumulative, accumulated knowledge) summative assessments.
  • Scheduled progress-monitoring intervals throughout their Intervention Learning Program are best practices utilizing:
    • Scientifically-based assessments that follow guidelines necessary for evaluating
      students with specific reading and learning disorders
    • On-going standardized curriculum based assessments
    • Pre and Post-test assessments from Sequential and Prescriptive online courses
    • Adaptive assessments which provide questions of varying difficulty to find the appropriate skill and ability level of the student

What materials does my child need to work with their GiftedApples Intervention Tutor?

Answer: For the Virtual Classroom your child will need only one of the following:
Laptop, PC, Android or iPad Tablet with speaker Headset or Microphone

Is there special software to install?

Answer: No. Our Premiere virtual learning platform is end-user, interactive responsive.

What system requirements are necessary for my Laptop, Tablet or PC?

Answer: Software Type/Version and System Requirements
Flash player 10.3 or later
Browser Internet Explorer, Chrome*, Safari, Firefox, Opera
Operating system Mac OSX, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Android, Linux

Note: *iOS and Android users need to install the WizIQ App to access the Virtual Classroom *Users on Chrome browser must upgrade the browser to version 28.0.1500.72 or above for better Audio/Video experience in the Virtual Classroom.


Call 216.820.3800 or 216.600.5000

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Nonprofit Educational Service.

Our goal is to provide intensive literacy instruction to preadolescent and adolescent students who require specialized intervention in reading and math. We support post-high school Adult Literacy education.


Biancarosa, C. and Snow, C. E. (2006). Reading Next—A Vision for Action and Research in Middle and High School Literacy: A report to Carnegie Corporation of New York (2nd ed.). Washington, D. C.: Alliance for Excellent Education. Retrieved June 2, 2016 from:

Hernandez, D. J. (2011). Double Jeopardy: How Third-Grade Reading Skills and Poverty Influence High School Graduation. A new report from the Annie E Casey Foundation. Retrieved July 8 2016 from:


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