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Mrs. Farmer started her first tutoring program in 1991,  founded SchoolRoom Professional Tutors Learning Center in 1994 and Shaker East Academy in 2005.  Realizing that one-on-one instruction for individual students was not cost effective for school districts, especially large, urban districts, Mrs. Farmer’s early vision was to provide individualized tutoring to students who required one-to-one instruction due to Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADD-H) diagnosis.  All of Mrs. Farmer’s students had a diagnosis of a Learning Disability with with other comorbidities (i.e., ADD/ADD-H,  Dyslexia, with Executive Function ‘behavioral’ deficit) as well.

One-to-one, individualized, or even small group instruction of 6 to 8 students, is challenging for classroom teachers who may have 15 to 26+ students in their class. Special Education teachers may have up to 15 students in a resource learning class.

GiftedApples provides intensive one-on-one intervention to children Grades K-3 and to older students Grades 4-12 by a licensed and certified educator.

GiftedApples was founded in 2015 for Grades K-3 based Mrs. Farmer’s experience as an educator, principal and professional training.  The earlier intervention is provided for children with reading and learning disabilities, the more success the child will have at catching up with grade level work instead of falling farther and farther behind.  Research and evidenced-based practices of providing children with systematic  and explicit instruction using Multisensory Instruction (i.e., Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Tactile) continues to remain researched-based, best practice mandating an early start to reading instruction and intervention.

Students feel confident after receiving instruction that is provided in the manner in which they process information best.  Involving all of the sense modalities ensures the child experiences learning through each of their senses

The student with serious reading and learning difficulties who has struggled with reading and learning may have become frustrated or even depressed because they do feel successful in school—poor or failing grades in most classes–and falling behind their peers in academic performance.

By the time children reach the 4th and 5th grade level, their experiences with reading, the reading process and trying to comprehend what is heard or read, learning becomes increasingly more challenging with each grade level and with much difficulty within each content area course in which integrated reading will be required.  As students with specific learning disabilities become older, the cause for concern is their ever widening gap in academic achievement because they have not attained the required knowledge necessary to achieve the level of academic expectations at their current grade level.  The negative emotions connected to reading and the reading process result in limited wide reading experiences (literally not wanting to read) which is necessary to achieve in school and become academically successful in life. Limited reading experiences and a lack of motivation to read means that your child’s opportunities to  “read to learn” and “learn from reading” are an extremely difficult challenge due to her or his disability

Students feel confident after receiving instruction that is provided in the manner in which they have processed knowledge and comprehend what they have learned, and can orally/verbally or in writing, demonstrate what they have learned.

We Teach Children The Way They Learn

We offer FREE Online Reading, Math and Content Programs which support your child’s individualized, intervention program.  All programs are assigned as homework, and are not part of the one-on-one-instructional session provided by a licensed and certified educator.

GiftedApples offers 6 Reading & Math Intensive Intervention Options for Early Learners K-3 and Students in Later Grades, 4-12

  1. Grade PreK-5 Reading and Dyslexia Intervention
  2. Grade K-5 Math and Dyscalculia Intervention
  3. Grade K-9 Writing: Grammar, Technology, Essay Composition
  4. Grade PreK-3 and Grades 4-12 Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Fluency
  5. Grade 7-12 Math Intervention; Science, OGT • ACT/SAT • GED Test Prep
  6. Dyslexia and Reading Disorders with Learning Disabilities – Attention Deficit Disorder

Reading leads to success in every aspect of life.
Your child deserves to become…

  • Successful in school classes
  • Successful in their college academics
  • Successful in their career options

“Your Child Deserves to Read”

Sincerely in Reading,

Loretta J. Farmer

Loretta J. Farmer, BS-SLP, M.Ed., Principal

Reading Leads to Success In Every Aspect of Life.

GiftedApples offers 6 Intensive Intervention Options for Grades 4-12:

  1. Intensive Direct Instruction in Ohio State Graduation Tests; ACT, SAT & GED
  2. Intensive Early Numeracy Math Intervention Grades K-2
  3. Intensive Concept Development of Number Knowledge Grades 3-7
  4. Intensive Reading Intervention in Early Literacy & Phonemic Awareness
  5. Intensive Reading Intervention in Phonics, Orthographic-Spelling,
  6. Intensive Direct Instruction in Basic Math, Geometry, Algebra and Calculus

Your Child Deserves to Become:

  • successful in school classes
  • successful in their college academics
  • successful in their career choices

Your Child Deserves to Read

We also offer over 125 Courses which support:

Early Middle and High School Courses and Electives;
Special Education ~ Success K-8© Reading, Math and Writing
3rd Grade Reading Guarantee & Grs. 4-8 All-Subjects Test Instruction
High School Ohio State Test; ACT/SAT Instruction, Practice & Prep.

Also Offered:

  • Online Instruction for Homework Support
  • High School Credit Recovery Courses and Support
  • Standardized GED/ACT and SAT Courses and Testing
  • 66 Elective Courses and Content Subjects