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GiftedApples was founded in 2015 based on Mrs. Farmer’s experience as an educator, principal, and professional trainer. The earlier intervention is provided for children with reading and learning disabilities, the more success the child will have at catching up with grade-level work instead of falling farther and farther behind. Research and evidence-based practices of providing children with systematic and explicit instruction using multisensory instruction (i.e., visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile) continue to remain research-based, with best practices mandating an early start to reading instruction and intervention.

One-to-one, individualized, or even small group instruction of 6 to 8 students is challenging for classroom teachers who may have 15 to 26+ students in their class. Special education teachers may have up to 15 students in a resource learning class.

GiftedApples’ licensed and certified teachers provide intensive one-on-one intervention to children in grades PreK–3, Late Elementary Grades 4–7, and Middle and High School.

Building Fortitude

Students feel confident after receiving instruction that is provided in the manner in which they process information best. Involving all of the sense modalities ensures the child experiences learning through each of their senses.

Tools to Overcome

The student with serious reading and learning difficulties who has struggled with reading and learning may have become frustrated or even depressed because they do feel successful in school—poor or failing grades in most classes—and falling behind their peers in academic performance.

Tools For Successful Learning

By the time children reach the 4th and 5th grade levels, their experiences with reading, the reading process, and trying to comprehend what is heard or read make learning increasingly challenging with each grade level and with much difficulty within each content area course in which integrated reading will be required. As students with specific learning disabilities get older, the cause of concern is their ever-widening gap in academic achievement because they have not attained the required knowledge necessary to meet the level of academic expectations at their current grade level. The negative emotions connected to reading and the reading process result in limited reading experiences (literally not wanting to read), which is necessary to achieve in school and become academically successful in life. Limited reading experiences and a lack of motivation to read mean that your child’s opportunities to “read to learn” and “learn from reading” are an extremely difficult challenge due to her or his disability.

Students feel confident after receiving instruction that is provided in the manner in which they have processed knowledge, comprehended what they have learned, and can, orally, verbally, or in writing, demonstrate what they have learned.

Successful Tutoring for ADD/ADHD, and Dyslexia

Mrs. Farmer started her first tutoring program in 1991,  founded SchoolRoom Professional Tutors Learning Center in 1994 and Shaker East Academy in 2005.  Realizing that one-on-one instruction for individual students was not cost effective for school districts, especially large, urban districts, Mrs. Farmer’s early vision was to provide individualized tutoring to students who required one-to-one instruction due to Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADD-H) diagnosis.  All of Mrs. Farmer’s students had a diagnosis of a Learning Disability with other comorbidities (i.e., ADD/ADD-H,  Dyslexia, with Executive Function ‘behavioral’ deficit) as well.

GiftedApples offers 6 Reading & Math Intensive Intervention Options for Early Learners PreK-3 and Students in Later Grades, 4-12

Grade PreK–5 Reading and Dyslexia Intervention

Grade K–5 Math and Dyscalculia Intervention

Grade K-9 Writing: Grammar, Technology, and Essay Composition

Grades PreK–3 and Grades 4–12 Reading comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency

Grade 7-12 Math Intervention; Science; OGT; ACT/SAT; Test Prep

Dyslexia and Reading Disorders with Learning Disabilities: Attention Deficit Disorder

Specific Language Impairment, Intellectual Disability, and Executive Function Behavior

Reading Programs

Your child deserves to become…

Successful in school classes

Successful in their college academics

Successful in their career options

“Your Child Deserves to Read”

Sincerely in Reading,

Loretta J. Farmer-Harvin
Loretta J. Farmer-Harvin, Principal
Licensed K-12 Reading Specialist


Intensive Prescriptive Math with Reading Intervention provides balanced and foundational instruction for two core areas: reading and math.


GiftedApples provides individualized intensive reading intervention within a structured framework.

Test Prep

Students have the opportunity to work on flexible learning programs in reading, literacy, math, writing, and test preparation.

Reading Motivation

English language development instruction, interventions, and strategies for better reading.

Reading Motivation

English language development instruction, interventions, and strategies for better reading.

Early Reading & Phonemic Awareness

English language development instruction, interventions, and strategies for better reading.


Intensive Prescriptive Math with Reading Intervention provides balanced and foundational instruction for two core areas: reading and math.

Comprehension & Fluency

GiftedApples provides individualized intensive reading intervention within a structured framework.


Students have the opportunity to work on flexible learning programs in reading, literacy, math, writing, and test preparation.

Executive Function & ADD

English language development instruction, interventions, and strategies for better reading.

GiftedApples offers 6 Intensive Intervention Options for Grades 4-12:

  • Intensive Direct Instruction in Ohio State Graduation Tests; ACT, SAT & GED
  • Intensive Early Numeracy Math Intervention Grades K-2
  • Intensive Concept Development of Number Knowledge Grades 3-7
  • Intensive Reading Intervention in Early Literacy & Phonemic Awareness
  • Intensive Reading Intervention in Phonics, Orthographic-Spelling,
  • Intensive Direct Instruction in Basic Math, Geometry, Algebra and Calculus
Your Child Deserves to Become:
  • successful in school classes
  • successful in their college academics
  • successful in their career choices
Your Child Deserves to Read
We also offer all Pre-K-5 Reading and Math Programs

Early Middle, High School Reading and Math Instruction
3rd Grade Reading Guarantee & Grs. 4-8 All-Subjects Test Instruction
High School Ohio State Test; ACT/SAT Instruction, Practice & Prep.

Also Offered:

  • Homework Support
  • Professional Career Tutoring
  • ACT and SAT Test Preparation
Frequently Asked Questions

GiftedApples Reading and Math provides individualized learning options to help students achieve the necessary educational standards and love to learn. Parents have looked to GiftedApples Reading and Math since 2015 to help their students learn techniques and acquire the tools to make learning easier for them.

Design of Intervention Learning Options and Digital Course Selection

With GiftedApples, online tutoring is very much like learning at school. The difference is that your learning session is private with your teacher, and the instruction provided to you is designed especially for you. Occasionally, you and another student, or even a group of 4, may participate in a unique learning activity that will increase the transfer of a newly learned skill by engaging in an activity with a peer partner or partner teams. However, small grouping is not typical with GiftedApples for intensive Tier III instruction. If a small group activity is planned, you will break out of the group to resume your individual, private session when the activity is complete.

Your individually designed learning option is taught by a certified and licensed “tutor”, and is scheduled by appointment. You will be able to login to our instructional learning platform to stream video during instructional time, which will be recorded for progress monitoring and evaluation. All of your learning sessions will be supported by an online supportive course of study. Your tutor will schedule a time to work with you on your online course of study based on your scheduled calendar, but you may also study independently on your online course by logging in at any time.

Supportive courses are required for the 3-month, 4-month, 5-month, 6-month, or 7-month intervention options.

At no additional cost, we offer a 2-session per month bonus. Your intervention program will include the additional “2 Sessions Bonus” which will be scheduled each month and will provide additional learning in one of our adaptive, predictiveequential online courses.

The 2-Session Bonus shall be applied to all intervention program options.
Refer to our How It Works page for more details.
Is testing required?

Yes. An individual assessment of your abilities in the area(s) in which you are seeking help is necessary and required to meet educational standards and curriculum guidelines established by your state’s Department of Education.

The Individual Assessment Observation & Tutoring phase (IA&OT) is scheduled and begins with the initial screening and continues through the evaluation of reading performance in the areas of word study (phonology/phonemic awareness), fluency naming speed, vocabulary, rate of fluency for appropriate comprehension, and retelling of story to assess comprehension of text. Motivation for reading and learning is also observed.

An assessment of your knowledge of basic math skills required for solving a variety of math problems; vocabulary of fundamental math concepts necessary for interpreting math problems; demonstrating reading foundational skills critical in comprehending the language of math problems; and familiarity of formulas for solving unknown variables Word problems and math equations will be evaluated using traditional testing resources administered by your interventionist or tutor as well as online computer-adapted assessments.

Why Is So Much Instructional Time Required?

GiftedApples offers six (6) Intensive Intervention Learning Options ranging from 750 to 2500 minutes or the equivalent of 15 to 50 Clock Hours @ 50 mins/per session. One (1) Carnegie credit is 120 Clock hours/7200 mins. There are four quarters in the traditional school year equivalent to 30 Clock Hours or 1800 minutes per academic quarter. A typical Reading or Math class is Based on 40-minutes of instruction 5 days/week totaling 200 minutes per week X 9 weeks, equal to 1800 minutes or 30 Clock Hours. If GiftedApples’ Intervention sessions were delivered for 40 minutes, 5 days per/week for 9 weeks, students would receive a total 1800 minutes or 30 Clock hours— equivalent to 0.25 Credit Hour or, (1 academic Quarter of instruction). GiftedApples intervention sessions are 50 minutes which provides more intensity since students cannot attend 5 intervention sessions per week. At 50-minute sessions, your child will receive 2250 minutes or 37.5 Clock hours of private, individual intervention compared to the traditional 40-minute class session with 18-26 students per class. Our classes are designed on a Clock-hour basis so that instruction can be aligned to traditional credit courses in most academic programs.

What is the Learning Gap Guarantee?

The Close the Learning Gap Guarantee is designed to increase your skill and knowledge ability by 15% on critical components of reading and math assessed during your Individual Assessment & Observation Tutoring Phase (A&OT). Students enrolled in an Intervention Option program must work with their Tutors or Interventionists for a total of 150 minutes per month for three (3) consecutive months on a single subject or learning target that they want covered by the Learning Guarantee (e.g., word development; fluency development; comprehension development; basic math; algebra; geometry).

Refer to our Learning Terms for more details.

Earned credits and stipend award

In our effort to support your academic success, we will award you a monetary stipend for each month that you fulfill the Learning Gap Guarantee (LG Guarantee). You can earn three (3) credits per month for each consecutive month you attend your intervention option session for 150 minutes and complete your online supportive class learning for 150 minutes on a single course without absence. Each credit is worth $10. Students can earn nine (9) credits by the end of their Intervention Option Program and be awarded $90.

The maximum award is $90 per household. Students must complete their 16; 20; 24; or 28-week program according to the LG criteria of 150 minutes per month in both classroom sessions and online learning on a single course, without absence. Students will receive their GiftedApples Stipend Award at the end of their Intervention Option Program.

Refer to our learning terms for details.

Can I change my learning program option?

Yes. You can change your learning program option, but your initial areas of concern will still be targeted for instruction. In order to maintain a “balanced learning structure”, an increase or decrease in the frequency or intensity of instruction in a specific area may be modified. Instead of having to change your learning program, an evaluation of your skills and abilities may be reassessed. Based on the data from the curriculum-based measurement of your learning growth or deficiencies, the learning program may be modified and/or differentiated.

You can also decrease or increase your session hours without changing your enrollment contract.

GiftedApples accepts all credit and debit cards, Paypal accounts, ACH processing payments, and payment installment plans.

Payment Installment Plan Options

Note: If you choose Installment Pay Pal, your GAs program Intervention Option Program will not begin for approximately two weeks but not later than twenty (20) days from the date of completion of your Assessment and Observation Phase. This time frame allows for the review of all testing data, the writing of the intervention plan report, the preparation of the intervention plan program, and the scheduling of the course of study program and calendar.

Installment Payment Plan
  • If you pay the Assessment & Observation Phase (A&OT) fee in full, you will receive a ten-percent (10%) deduction off of the initial A&OT Phase fee.
  • A minimum of one-third (1/3) of the A&OT Phase fee is due before the initiation of testing and in conjunction with your Tutoring and Intervention Contract.
  • You can also choose to pay for your child’s Assessment and Observation Phase fee in three installments, the first of which must be paid at the time of enrollment.
  • If you opt for an agreed-upon installment plan for your intervention option program, individual private tutoring, or small group virtual class, your invention option program will be scheduled and begin in accordance with your agreed-upon installment plan and course of study schedule.
  • A 2.5% convenience fee for the 2-payment installment payment plan; a 3.5% convenience fee for the

A 3-payment installment payment plan or a 4.5% convenience fee for a 4-payment installment payment plan shall be charged for each billing transaction of each installment.

Note: The maximum installments for our intervention option programs will be four (4).

When is the remaining balance of my tutoring program due?

For our assessment and evaluation of your child, your enrollment fee plus one-third (1/3) of the Assessment and Observation Tutoring (A&OT) Phase fee must be paid at the time of your enrollment. You may pay in full and receive a ten (10) percent discount, or you may have the option to pay for your A&OT fee in three installments, of which one-third or your A&OT Phase fee would be due upon enrollment, along with an extended time to pay for the A&OT from the initiation of your child’s assessment. Your assessment and observation tutoring will be scheduled and initiated with only one-third of the fee submitted.

If you enroll in an Intervention Option Program, Individual Private Tutoring, Small Group Virtual Class, or Online Course, all fees, plus two-thirds (2/3s) or sixty-six percent of the Assessment & Observation Tutoring Phase fee, must be paid before your Individual Learning Option Program can be initiated.

Refer to our learning terms for details.


GiftedApples will provide additional tutoring (up to nine sessions) at no cost to your parents if your academic performance does not increase by 15% in any of the assessed areas measured during the Assessment and Observation Tutoring Phase. If, after the additional tutoring and instruction, there is no significant improvement in the target areas assessed, GiftedApples will return up to 100% of your tuition for the nine sessions required by the Closing the Learning Gap Guarantee (including the enrollment fee).

Withdrawals and cancellations

If you withdraw from your GAs Learning Program or cancel your intervention option plan, you will be eligible for a refund on the following terms:

  • If you choose to withdraw your enrollment within three (3) days or 72 hours before the first scheduled

In the Assessment and Observation Tutoring (A&OT) Phase, we will refund 100% of the tuition you have paid, less the enrollment, course setup, and administration fees.

  • If you choose to withdraw your enrollment after three (3) days or 72 hours before the first scheduled A&OT phase, we will refund 60% of the tuition you have paid, less the enrollment course.

Setup and administration fees

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This part implements the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (15 U.S.C. 6501, et seq.),  which prohibits unfair or deceptive acts or practices in connection with the collection, use, and/or disclosure of personal information from and about children on the Internet.

June 1, 2016

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